Monday, May 26, 2014

Before & After

My apologies for not posting as frequently lately, but I've been far too busy finishing up my last paper of my Master's degree (well, procrastinating finishing it, but close enough)! With all of the ups and downs that I've had and now that I'm possibly facing a second surgery to bend my knee all the way, I wanted to remember just how far I have come since surgery.

This was taken 2 days post-op:

This was taken today, almost 2 months post-op:

Please excuse how white I am (though, for those of you reading this who know me, I usually resemble a ghost, so not much has changed). All joking aside, I'm very pleased with how much the swelling has come down. I like to think my knee now resembles a grapefruit or some sort of small melon, not a bowling ball like it used to.

Something I've learned the most since surgery- it's all about perspective!

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