Wednesday, April 30, 2014

90 degrees

This number has been entrenched in my head the last few weeks, and based on my inability to reach it, will stay there. Now, what in the name of everything holy am I referring to?! One of the markers my surgeon and physical therapist are using for my rehab is how far I can bend my knee. The goal was for me to reach 90 degrees flexion (bending) by 4 weeks out, which is today, and then be able to bend it fully after 8 weeks.

However, I did not reach this goal. After much agony at physical therapy today, I made it to 75 degrees. I was thinking of blaming this on not being stretched out, and having my leg locked in extension the 12 hours prior to the appointment. I realized that my PT would laugh this off as a reason, so I kept it to myself. I did improve from last week, but I can't shake the feeling that I let my doctor and therapist down. In the 7 years I've worked with my physical therapist (yes, it's been that long), I have never failed to reach a goal, and I did today. I'm trying to stay positive throughout this experience, but I have had some ups and downs. It's so important to focus on the positive- what you CAN do.

A great way to relearn to bend your knee:
  • Lay on the floor, preferably carpeted, with your bottom about a foot or two from a closed door. 
  • Extend your leg all the way up on the door until completely straight.
  • Gradually (and gently) bend your knee until you can't take it anymore. Tip- adding a pillow case or a sock will help move your leg faster. 
  • Get this amazing app, which shows you, in real time, how much your knee is bending. 
I don't vouch for this reaching any goals in any sort of time, but it is a nice feeling to see how much your knee is bending and seeing the improvement first hand. Side note- I am amazed at how much technology has improved since my first surgery. 

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