Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 12/13

I had my biggest outing (other than doctors/PT appts) since surgery yesterday to see some good friends in town for a conference. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge fan of the UN and of Model UN conferences. I did Model UN throughout undergrad and getting to visit my college advisor and a close friend from my UN internship at the conference was just what I needed. Getting out of the house and seeing different faces made me feel social again, which was much needed.

It is so important to get out and do something other than watching tv, reading, and napping all day, and changing your routine. I may have paid for overdoing it just a little yesterday, but getting to see some of my closest friends was well worth it. It also made me feel a lot more confident and like I'm progressing in my rehab. It is so easy become negative and worried and think that your rehab is going nowhere and getting out yesterday really reminded me that I'm so far ahead of where I was even just one week ago. I know that one week ago, I wouldn't have been able to crutch as far as I did or even have the energy or desire to leave the house. While I am enjoying my down time and getting caught up on reading, it's important to push yourself and your body and try to get some of the endurance back.

I feel fairly settled in on my routine at home- getting up, getting dressed, and trying to fit in physical therapy about every hour. Each day I try to see if I can do something new- picking up clothes, grabbing my crutches, getting out of bed on my own, etc. One piece of advice- after almost two weeks of having your parents dress and bathe you, it's nice to feel a little more independent, so try to push yourself- it'll feel great!

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